TopicHow to log in to my McAfee account?

  • Thu 26th Dec 2019 - 5:37am

    The McAfee account log in is the primary step towards getting started with using McAfee or its services. Without having an account, you will not be able to install or activate your purchased McAfee subscription. You can easily create a new McAfee log in account from the home page of McAfee by navigating to the log in page. The steps for doing the same are briefly discussed in this article.

    Brief steps for McAfee account log in

    Some of the steps for performing the process to log in McAfee account are written below. For doing McAfee log in My Account is the tab from where you can do so. Here the steps for the same:

    1. Open a web browser.
    2. Navigate to the home page of McAfee.
    3. Click on the option that reads as “My Account”.
    4. After this, click on the “Sign In” option from the list of options.
    5. When the log in page opens, fill in the “log in” details.
    6. Enter your registered email address along with the password in the given space.
    7. Finally, click on “Log In” again.
    8. New users can directly click on “New User? Register Now”.
    9. Fill up the required information and then click on “Log In”.

    How to recover a McAfee account?

    In case you have forgotten the registered email address or McAfee account password, then you can recover it easily by following a few simple steps. The method for McAfee account recovery is given below:

    Recognize your registered email address

    You can identify the registered email address in your product and this is how you can do it:

    1. First of all, open your product by clicking on its icon.
    2. Now, tap “My Info” or “Your Subscription” from the taskbar.
    3. Here, you will see all the information regarding your product and your subscription.
    4. Look for the registered email address.
    5. You can now use this email for “McAfee download log in” at the “My Account” tab.

    Reset your McAfee account password

    If you have forgotten your McAfee account log in password, you can reset it by following the steps written below:

    1. Begin by navigating to the homepage of McAfee.
    2. Now, click on the “My Account” tab from the taskbar.
    3. Hover your mouse over the “Forgot Your Password” option present under the “Log In” section.
    4. Click on it and then enter your password in the given field.
    5. Now, tap on the “Send Email” option.
    6. It’s time to check your inbox.
    7. Look for the email from McAfee’s team. The email’s subject must be “Reset your McAfee password”.
    8. There will be a link in this email that you have to click.
    9. It is important that you click on this link within 72 hours so that it doesn’t expire.
    10. You can repeat the process if this link expires.
    11. Now, choose a new password and the reset process is successful.

    If you are still unable to log in to your McAfee account, then you may seek expert guidance. For the latest updates in McAfee or its software, keep on visiting the official website of McAfee. The informational posts on McAfee’s website may prove to be helpful for you in some of the other ways.

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